Five interesting facts about real estate

Posted By Patti Dennis on Jul 19, 2016 |

I am one of those guys who can always find something fun and entertaining in every aspect and profession of our lives. People are always talking about how jobs about banking, law, and economy are dull. But, I always prove them wrong with the number of amazing and fun facts about those boring professions. So when a friend asked me to give him some fun facts about real estate I was more than pleased to look in this so-called difficult task. I am saying so-called because I find more than many fun facts about real estate, and if you are reading this, then you are very lucky because you will learn some things which will make you a guy that know stuff for five minutes while you are making small talk with your friends. So sit back and enjoy.

Did you know that is technically not a chain restaurant? Their franchisees are dealing with the making of delicious burgers but as a matter of fact, they are one of the greatest real estate portfolios. So they are probably one of the best real estates in the world. Maybe that is their key to success.

687353-001Did you know what the value of the White House is? Every real estate has their price and value, which means that the most famous Washington building has its price. And that price is hundred and ten millions of dollars. Not bad for a two floors big house that only comes in white color.

Did you know that Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy before? As a matter of a fact, he did it four times. To be specific, we are talking about corporate bankruptcy. This information came to attention to the public because of his presidential candidacy. He is considered as great business mogul and real estate owner, so his opponents leaked this information, so they could show to the public that he is not as successful as he claims.

world-trade-centerDid you know that events related to the attack on the World Trading Center could potentially be stopped? Every building and every real estate bring some interesting story with its history. Unfortunately, a story about this building is dark because of the terrorist attacks. But the night before the attacks, a meeting was supposed to happen. Owners of the building were supposed to meet to discuss the strategy regarding the terrorist events. One man couldn’t show, and they reschedule this gathering. A bizarre coincidence!

bf08b1da6668ffd1efaa862cee8f2bcdDid you know that in Scotland you know exactly who is paying his mortgage? This sounds odd because you would probably think that Scots have all access contracts about their homes. But it’s not so transparent. It’s a funnier story. If someone is paying off his mortgage, he has to paint his front door. And not just any color, he has to paint it in red (not like they have to paint it in black like in the Rolling Stone song). So if you want to visit Scotland and see red painted front door, you will know something about that man or woman real estate.